Sam has over forty  years of experience in the engineering
                              of software-intensive systems, with half of that in process
                              improvement, applied across a wide variety of models
                              (SW-CMM, FAA-iCMM, People CMM and CMMI-DEV & SVC),
                              organization sizes (less than 10, to well over 1000), and
                              business types (defense contractors, government agencies,
                              and commercial businesses). He is certified for CMMI-DEV,
                              SVC, & People-CMM as a SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, a SCAMPI
                              High-Maturity Lead Appraiser, a SCAMPI B/C Team Lead,
                              a Team Lead Observer, and an FAA-iCMM lead appraiser.
                              Sam has led or participated in over 50 appraisals.  

Sam provides appraisal & consulting services, and training to client companies in
project management, setting up and managing process improvement activities,
process engineering, understanding and implementing the CMMI, planning for the
resolution of process implementation gaps, overcoming difficulties in deploying
new processes, and preparing for SCAMPI appraisals.  

Sam has a BS in engineering and an MS in technical management. He has had a
paper published in IEEE Software and is a frequent speaker at CMMI related
conferences. Sam worked with the SEI in their efforts to develop a body of
knowledge for SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraisers, and CMMI with Six Sigma.
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Sam Fogle
Chief Guide