Appraisal Services

ACE Guides is licensed by the CMMI Institute to conduct any category of SCAMPI
appraisal (C, B, or A), at any level, worldwide for the CMMI for Development
(CMMI-DEV), the CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC), and
the People CMM.  ACE
Guides has a
certified SCAMPI High-Maturity Lead Appraiser on staff.  We also
observe SCAMPI B/C Team Lead candidates.

Preparing for an appraisal is  just as important as conducting the appraisal
itself. It is important that the appraisal team and the organization have a
common understanding of both the CMMI model and the SCAMPI method.  ACE
Guides works with you to achieve that understanding.

ACE Guides will meet with your organization to help you understand the steps
that typically lead to an appraisal that successfully demonstrates a level of
compliance that represents the desired rating.  These steps usually include
such activities as less formal appraisals (SCAMPI C's or B's) and/or workshops
to help your organization understand the required preparation (including
development of a mapping between your data and the CMMI practices).

ACE Guides is also authorized to conduct appraisals against the FAA-iCMM.
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