Non-Appraisal Services

ACE Guides has extensive experience in working with organizations to help them
expand or sharpen their knowledge and understanding of the CMMI and the
SCAMPI appraisal method.  We have worked with organizations across a broad
range of types of work, sizes, business areas, and capability or maturity levels.  

ACE Guides provides support in specific areas, such as the development of
mappings between your data and the practices of CMMI-DEV, CMMI-SVC, or
People CMM, or in more general process improvement topics across a broad
range of areas, including ISO.

ACE Guides is licensed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) / CMMI Institute
to provide the following courses:
  • Introduction to CMMI
  • Introduction to People CMM
  • Implementing Goal-Driven Measurement

We also provide customized training in a wide range of process improvement
areas.  Contact us and we will work with you to explore your specific needs.
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