The Process Improvement Journey

Setting out to improve processes is setting out on a journey.  There are many
destinations that you may want to reach and many paths to choose from. No one
path is right for every traveler, and not all paths will get you to where you want to
go.  When you are traveling in unfamiliar or confusing territory, a guide who knows
the area can be critical to keep you from choosing an inappropriate path.

ACE Guides can supply Appraisers, Consultants, and Educators who know the
CMMI/SCAMPI territory well.  We will be happy to work with your organization to
help you plan a path for your process improvement journey.  Together we will
make sure that the path you choose is not just a “good” path, but the right path to
follow to help your organization reach its desired destination.

ACE Guides will then continue to work with your organization, to help guide you
along your chosen path.  We can provide courses and workshops on CMMI, People
CMM, SCAMPI, or on most any topic within the process improvement world.  We
can also provide experienced support people who can work side-by-side with you to
help you develop and implement the model practices.  

Finally, ACE Guides has a cadre of very knowledgeable appraisers who can help
your organization measure your process improvement.

Our motto is "Find YOUR Path" and that is what we always help you do.
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